Client: Pocketsongs
Task: Web Design / Web Development
CEO: Irv Kratka
Art Director: Patricia Miles



This project involved creating a website that reflected the company’s brand based on the CEO and Art director’s layout. After the layout was completed with a mock design in Photoshop the project was then implemented into a CMS system that would handle all their customer experience from listening to audio tracks online to purchasing and following up. This involved creating a customize designed that would accommodate over 80,000 audio tracks that would play across various platforms including mobile devices and iPads.


This project also involved integrating their ecommerce platform with their accounting system QuickBooks for a seamless automation of creating orders in QuickBooks. The site was coded using industry standard and best practices to reflect the mockup that would display correctly across various browser platforms including mobile devices. This site also included a blog that integrated with their social media platforms and email marketing platform.